"How can I just say thank you for
giving me back my most precious gift: my father.  I don't have words to express my heart. God sends people into your life for a reason and I thank him constantly for you." 

- C. K. 

"We want to thank you for being such a kind, considerate, and understanding doctor. It makes our visits more enjoyable."

- L. & D. W.

"...One [highlight] I won't ever forget was that you took the time to call me personally, and not have one of your staff just do it. You are truly an exceptional doctor and I appreciate you." 

- N.

"A thank you for all the great care you've given us. You are always there to answer our questions concerning our health, and you are a great listener. We want you to know what a great family practice you have and how your staff always tries to help. Thank you for being so understanding about [my job's] rules and what they require as far as medical. As you know, I have sent two people to your practice and they love you. I tell all my friends to go to you and when my sister comes next year to live here, her and her husband will be your patients."

- D. & J. W.

"I just wanted to thank you for your genuine concern and great care you gave
to my Granny before she passed away.
You are one in a million."

- E. E.

"I wanted to thank you for taking care of me for my 6 years in Florida. You always seemed to care and help me get through my most difficult times."

- B. W.

"I just wanted to thank you for arranging my scan so quickly and [for] being so kind. Fortunately, everything seems fine, and we were able to continue our vacation with peace of mind."

- E. H.

"There are simply not adequate words to express my gratitude for the skillful and professional manner in which you helped my daughter. More than anything you were sensitive and kind."

- P. P.

"We feel fortunate to have you in our lives -- our 'golden years' especially."

- K. P.

"You were always so kind, compassionate, and just plain wonderful to [our mother-in-law] and our family. Thank you and your entire staff. We need more doctors like you!
We always said you were a saint."

- E. P.

Each of the above is an excerpt from a card or letter sent to Dr. Sharma. The only edits made were those necessary to protect patients' privacy.
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